Retention Lien Available To Attorneys Owed Legal Fees

Where an attorney no longer represents a client but is still owed legal fees for prior services performed, the attorney may assert a retention lien over the files of the client’s case and is not required to turn over key documents upon the request of the client’s new counsel. If a trial court determines that the documents must be produced, it must simultaneously provide security for the payment of the former attorney’s fees.

This holding extends from Grimes v. Cockrom, No. 45A03-1008-CT-491, a Court of Appeals case in which a client’s new counsel issued a subpoena duces tecum to her client’s former attorney in order to compel him to produce medical records paramount to a medical malpractice claim, a matter on which the attorney had previously worked.   The former attorney moved to quash the subpoena and argued that, similar to the right recognized by a mechanic’s lien, the common law of Indiana recognizes an attorney’s right to retain the documents of a former client until that client’s fees are paid. The trial court denied the attorney’s motion to quash, ordered him to produce the records, and an interlocutory appeal followed.

The Court of Appeals agreed with the former attorney that Indiana recognizes an attorney’s right to a retention lien that operates similar to the lien granted to a mechanic with unpaid service fees. If a client wishes to obtain key documents from a former attorney, a trial court has the authority to compel production of the documents, but must also provide a security to assure that the attorney’s fees will be paid in exchange for the documents’ production. The Court, in citing to Bennett v. NSR, Inc., 553 N.E.2d 881, 882 (Ind. Ct. App. 1990), acknowledged that “[l]awyers are merely afforded the same advantage enjoyed by workmen who labor on behalf of others. It is considered equitable that lawyers be allowed to retain documents and other personal property of their clients until paid.” In Grimes, because the client disputed the amount of fees owed to the former attorney, the Court remanded the case and ordered that a hearing be conducted to determine the proper amount of fees owed and that a security be provided to the attorney in that amount in exchange for the production of the medical records.

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